Sell My House In Tampa

A ton of information exists on the Internet answering homeowners when they search “how to sell my house in Tampa.” You can find out what renovations will most enhance the house and how to fix serious problems like cracks in the foundation. What homeowners in Tampa won’t find is too much information on what doesn’t sell a house.

Homeowners should research both sides of the subject. Everyone knows that a coat of paint, a little landscaping, and new windows (if it’s in the budget) are great ways to perk up a tired-looking house. On the other hand, how many homeowners know which things mark the end of the discussion? Let’s take a look at what does not sell a house.

1. Buyers Don’t Usually Pay Attention To Some Locations Until They Hear This

Any real estate agent in Tampa will tell you that an unfortunate location will fail to sell a house. Airports put in years after the house was built, loud manufacturing properties and college frat houses are some of the locations that will prevent the sale of a house.

Also, a considerable problem is when highways are built after a neighborhood has been established. It can make selling a house in Tampa a bit iffy. This is especially true if loud tractor-trailer trucks or those racing loud cars all day and night can’t be hidden from potential buyers. The only remedy is to accept a low price.

2. Many Buyers Have Never Met A Seller With Whom It’s Difficult To Deal

We’ve all dealt with somewhat less than helpful persons behind a sales counter, in a car repair garage, or in traffic. When these people try to sell a house, they usually don’t understand the problem. A homeowner might refuse to upgrade the house, make necessary repairs, plant a flower, paint a wall, or remove smelly pets before a house show, and he won’t understand why he can’t sell his house in Tampa.

Sellers like these tend to remain in the house during a showing, answering questions gruffly, not being forthcoming with information, and just generally making viewers uncomfortable. When this type of seller can’t sell the house, he ends up staying there.

3. A Death In The House Makes It Nearly Impossible To Sell

The mere idea of death in a house spooks people, whether they’re superstitious or not. Not much can be done about hiding it, since potential buyers research a house from every angle available, including public records like obits.

4. A Poorly Planned, Unchangeable Floor Plan Will Prevent A House From Selling

Homeowners in Tampa will find this in older homes in which structural walls can’t be knocked out to open up a floor plan. Low ceilings, exposed brick, and numerous built-ins are high on the list of things that will prevent a house from selling. When rooms are located in the wrong places and can’t be opened up, then the house stands a good chance of not selling.

5. If There Isn’t Enough Natural Light, Buyers Will Move On

All those home renovation shows on TV have convinced us we need all the natural light we can beg, borrow, or steal. Our doctors tell us this is necessary for physical and mental health. Okay, we’ll buy that because it makes sense.

Sellers with homes containing fewer windows than the norm should contact a builder before trying to sell the house. More natural light will give potential buyers a chance to actually see the house.

6. Homeowners Can’t Sell A Moldy House

Mold doesn’t always accumulate around bathtubs and water heaters. Attics, basements, HVAC units, and anywhere there is moisture of any type is game on for mold. You might have leaky pipes in a wall, and you’ll never know it’s there. Before you ask yourself, “How can I sell my house in Tampa?”, get a home inspector with a thermal imaging device to test your home for mold.

Homeowners can smell mold if they put their minds to it. It’s a musty smell or an earthy smell, reminiscent of mushrooms. If you smell this type of odor, get a professional in there immediately. The family’s health depends on it.

7. An Outdated House Will Not Sell

No buyer will buy a house he has to pour money into right off the bat to bring into the 21st century. Tired, old kitchens and bathrooms, paneling, popcorn ceilings, shag carpet, funky “wheel” chandeliers, and stone fireplaces taking up two walls all shout outdated.

It can be fixed, yes, but buyers are looking for an already updated house, not a fixer-upper. Homeowners should know that they’ll recoup at least 60 percent of the cost of upgrades when the house sells.

8. Odors Will Not Sell A House

Buyers notice smells the instant they open the front door. The aroma of sugar cookies, brownies, and the kitty litter box hit buyers in the face when they enter a house.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that, although cats are adorable, you can’t get the smell of a litter box out of the house. No amount of scrubbing or air freshening will help a homeowner with pets sell a house in Tampa. Dogs whose “mistakes” soak into the hardwood floor or the carpet before you get home from work are no better.

9. Lack Of Maintenance To The House And Overgrowth Of The Yard Looks Really Bad

Nothing says “I don’t care” more than peeling paint, loose boards on the house, missing roof shingles, sagging walls and/or roofs, grass as high as the knees, underbrush not trimmed back, bushes as tall as the house, weeds the size of small trees. If you’re picturing a deserted wreck of a house in your mind, you wouldn’t be far wrong. Clean it up, and you might sell your house in Tampa.

10. Failing To Take Advantage Of Technology Will Fail To Sell A House

Today’s home buyer looks online first. He’ll take a virtual tour, look at every picture taken of the rooms and property, and then call the agent. Even those selling their house themselves know to use every piece of technology at their disposal, even to hiring professional photographers and videographers.

Buyers see pictures before they see anything else. Yours need to stand out, capture their attention, and intrigue them. I once read about a homeowner who used a drone to lead his potential buyers around the house and property. The house sold fast.

11. An Improperly Priced House Won’t Sell

Too many homeowners fail to check houses of comparable value near them before they attempt to sell their house in Tampa. They end up with a house priced too far over the price of a comparable house two doors down.

They also attempt to price the house in improbable numbers like $599,999. This is bad because prices are grouped using zeroes such as $550,000 to $600,000. Potential buyers wouldn’t see a price of $599,999.

Reducing the price of a house that isn’t selling is one way of piquing buyers’ interest. If it still won’t sell your home, then homeowners have a choice: rent out the house, lease it out, or sell it to real estate investors.

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