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Are you looking to sell your property in Tampa? eTampa Homes sells houses, condos, apartments, vacant land, new custom homes, and multi-family units. With over 15 years of experience, we’ve successfully bought and sold homes in some of the best neighborhoods. We specialize in solving your real estate needs by giving your property better evaluation, fast sales, and great deals. Our experience, skill, and networks enable us to find top buyers fast.

When selling your property, you first need to know its current value. Guessing a figure can be one way to go, but for a more realistic and precise valuation, you need a professional. eTampa Homes  property above market valuation to sweeten your deal. Our system of operation makes it possible
to sell properties fast and close deals at mutually beneficial prices. In addition, clients who use us get additional services that make the entire process hitch accessible for you, regardless of whether you are doing this for the first time or are a seasoned pro.

Above Valuation

I can help you sell your property fast above valuation. I have a network of professionals that can help with additional value-adding services.

Our add-on services make sure you don’ t just have a good experience but a great one:

    1. Property Appraisal
    2. Property Inspection
    3. Professional photography
    4. Professional handyman at your disposal
    5. Marketing with precise results
    6. Keeping you up to date on progress
    7. Schedule and Attend All Home Inspections.
    8. Provide Home Staging Advice
    9. Make Sure All Buyers are Qualified
    10. Advise Seller on Doing Renovations
    11. Price The Home Correctly

Free Consultation

Tampa Real Estate AgentEmiliya Clark
MBA, Real Estate Broker, Licensed Business Broker

    Why Work with Me as Your Selling Agent?

    • We will communicate with you, make promises to deliver, use every resource at our disposal to sell your property, and treat you better than every other realtor.
    • To sell your home, you need good marketing. With my marketing skills and understanding of the Tampa Bay marketplace, I am intimately familiar with the latest market trends and strategies to get the most buyers to view your property.
    • We provide personalized one-on-one service to our clients, and you can always reach us via phone, text, or email. We will inform you of changes affecting your home’s price, buyer feedback, and anything
      else necessary.
    • Get continual support you can trust. Whether you’re buying a condo, an apartment, or a family home, you need a professional you can trust. We are realtors you can count on to get you the best deals. As
      licensed real estate brokers, we can advise you, and consult with you, so you milk your properties for every penny they are worth.

    Buying land to build your custom dream home: finding land to build a custom home is my specialty. The typical realtor is not interested in land transactions; the commission is typically lower, and the difficulty level of analyzing fitness of use is typically greater than the average existing single-family home transaction. As I mentioned earlier, while working with a custom home builder, I learned how to analyze and be aware of the many pitfalls and deal breakers that can possibly be encountered with building land purchases. Unfortunately, you can get severely burned buying building land in Florida. The typical realtor does not have enough knowledge to properly critique building land. I have numerous cases I have encountered over the years of individuals purchasing properties that were simply not usable for building their dream custom home. Please do not let yourself fall into that trap, with my knowledge of buildable land requirements and a group of proven surveyors, Geotech engineers, environmental specialists, and other professionals, why not have me provide you with an additional level of protection in your land purchase?