Is Tampa A Good Place To Live?

We all desire to live in a comfortable environment. A place with easy access to social amenities, a sound transport system, job opportunities, and affordable schools to offer our children quality education. Are you looking for assistance finding housing in Florida? Among the incredible places to relocate to is Tampa. However, people ask themselves this question before moving, is Tampa a good place to live? Below is a discussion of what makes Tampa an incredible city to stay in. Keep reading to learn more.

Transportation Options

There are plenty of options to get around Tampa. The modes of transport are convenient even if you don’t own a private vehicle. They include,


The city is recognized as a biking-friendly area with numerous cycling trails. Residents can use personal bicycles to move around. You can also rent one from coast bikes. Cycling is safe since bikers are protected from motorists by a 4-foot raised island.

Pirate Water Taxi

It’s a fleet of pirate-themed taxis with several stops along Tampa’s River walk. They accommodate adults and kids at affordable rates. Some vessels have bars and climate-controlled restrooms to enhance comfort.


Some vendors provide residents with electric scooters to ease movement. Due to technological advancement, the scooters now have a group feature. This ensures that you can ride as a group or with family.


They are reserved automobiles that you rent on an hourly basis or per day. These vehicles are accessible using a phone via the zip car app. There are specific pickup and drop-off locations for the cars.

TECO line Streetcar

The vehicle offers a free ride through the Florida Department of Transportation grant.

Schools and Education System

Your children will always be in good hands in Tampa’s public schools, where they are assured of good grades. They’ll have excellent quality education that will help them in the future. The surrounding areas are serviced by a District School composed of elementary, middle, and high schools. These institutions cater to the needs of younger students. In addition, they are within walking distance from most neighborhoods to minimize the distance students have to walk.

There is also a non-religious institution that prepares young scholars for college. Furthermore, there are remarkable institutions of higher learning that students choose from. Firstly, the University of South Florida offers engineering and technological courses. You can also take your children to a private institution, the University of Tampa. Its programs are offered for a maximum of four years. This city also hosts the Center for Advanced Medical and Learning Simulation, which aims at training healthcare professionals. Other colleges offer programs in business and trades, art and design, and energy management.

Culture and Diversity

Still asking the question, Is Tampa a good place to live? It’s a welcoming community open to new ideas and visitors. As a result, it has become a diverse blend of people and cultures. It boasts a diverse population, where most residents have a Hispanic heritage and black Americans. The population is equally split between males and females.

In addition, it celebrates its diversity all year round through festivals and parades that bring its people together. The festivals include electric music with vibrant outfits. You’ll also enjoy fun rides and livestock competitions at the Florida State Fair. Children are not left out either; you can take them to an alcohol-free festival and music parade.

Other cultural associations include the women’s group that offers charity and empowerment programs to enrich all aspects of life. These women’s organizations devote themselves to supporting families by offering parent workshops, breastfeeding kits, donating baby wear, and hosting children-friendly events.

Some individuals and the government fund an active arts council to promote art and culture. This ensures a healthy community that includes all members of society. Moreover, it makes the entire city attractive to visitors and natives.

Tampa Climate

The favorable climate positively responds to is Tampa a good place to live. Due to its closeness to the equator, the sun here is very strong, thus making the city consistently sunny. The sunlight ensures that snow and ice quickly melt away during the cold season. This makes the climate hot during summer and pleasantly warm during the cold months. Temperatures are favorable in the coldest months of the year. The pleasant temperatures enable you to enjoy the outdoor climate without suffering the effects of extremely high temperatures. This is the ideal place if you’re a fitness enthusiast or love taking evening strolls. The weather will not disappoint; you can even walk in a short-sleeved shirt during winter.

Housing Availability in Tampa

Are you looking for a Tampa real estate broker to help you with residential real estate investments? These investments have ensured quality and affordable housing in Tampa. Whether you are looking for student housing, condos, or apartments, it doesn’t matter. There are also options for assisted and independent living. The types of housing units include;

Single Family Detached

It’s a dwelling unit owned by one individual or family that is several stories high. The house is entirely detached from other nearby homes. These homes have a price range of $99000 to $655999.


They are units occupied by two different families or individuals. The unit consists of several stories, separate living areas, and is detached from other houses. In the most popular neighborhoods, the units have a median price of $165000.

Town Houses

These are usually 1 to 3-story units consisting of a line of numerous identical houses. Common walls join them and have an average price of $34500. The units are built in a distinct community that might have its own homeowners’ association.

Single Room Occupancy

It’s a unit that provides living space for the exclusive use of the occupants. You are, however, required to share the facilities such as sanitary and kitchenette. They are relatively affordable, with an average price range of $31.65 to $43.31 per square foot.

Shared Housing

These are dwelling units where a group of unrelated individuals stays together. They have a shared space for all occupants and private areas for each person or family. On average, the units cost $1600, which is quite affordable. It would be best to work with experienced real estate professionals to identify the unit that best suits your needs.

Things To Do in Tampa

Are you wondering what to do when you get to this city? Below is a list of fun and exciting adventures.

Tampa Theatre

This is among the most significant historical attractions in FL. It shows plays, documentaries, and independent films with foreign works. You’ll indeed have a fantastic time sitting on the lavish red seats.


If you are interested in art, visit the breathtaking areas, such as the Dali Museum, to witness a variety of exhibitions. It comprises artwork done by local and international artists.

Exciting Nightlife

There is so much to do with several excellent bars in the after-hours. The vibe all over the downtown is chilled, making the nights vibrant and remarkable.


Tampa ensures proximity to clean and clear coastlines. They include St Pete. The shores provide vast water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and deep-sea diving.

Food Tours

This is a food company that serves several delicious Tampa Cuisines. You get to enjoy fruit salads and fine wines. Always schedule a visit during weekends, special holidays, and dinner dates.

Health Care Facility in Tampa

Is Tampa a good place to live? To help you determine, consider the availability of the healthcare system. Luckily, the downtown got you covered in terms of medical care. The area consists of international hospitals, research centers, and specialty institutions. In addition, it has well-trained and competent physicians to handle all complications. Local health care is relatively affordable to ensure you don’t break the bank when seeking medical treatment.

Some health centers include Baycare, which is the leading non-profit-making health organization. It provides regular training and education to the locals on basic hygiene. There is also the Tampa General Hospital, which is among the most comprehensive facilities. It’s the area’s trauma center and offers treatment for burns. Furthermore, it’s among the leading organ transplant centers in the neighborhood.

The above discussion answers the question is Tampa a good place to live? It includes all the facilities that ensure a comfortable stay. In addition, it explains the leisure activities for you to disconnect from your daily routine to relax and unwind.

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